Online Antique Show FAQ's

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How do I buy an item from the CCADA online show?

Contact the seller directly. An email link and the phone number of the CCADA dealer representing the item will be listed with each object. PLEASE NOTE that due to the COVID pandemic some dealers may have limited access to their inventory. While most items will be available to ship directly from the dealer, some items like furniture may have to have shipping or delivery arrangements made during a safer time. Please ask the dealer for availability and shipping/delivery options.I

Are all items for sale in the Online Antique Show guaranteed?

While the CCADA asks its members to guarantee any item for sale, dealers are responsible for their item’s guarantee. Please ask the dealer of the item you are interested in for their guarantee.

What if I buy an item from this show and it isn’t what I expected?

Each dealer sets their own returns policy, please ask about their policy when talking to a dealer about an item.

Do I contact the CCADA or the dealer regarding an item?

Contact the seller directly. An email link and the phone number of the CCADA dealer will be listed with each object.

Does the show close each night?

No. Once the show opens, it will remain open every hour, minute and second until it closes. You can shop anytime and at your convenience.

What is the best time to contact a dealer?

We ask that shoppers make phone calls to dealers during the hours of 9:00 am EDT – 9:00 pm EDT. You can email the dealer at any time and dealers will answer emails in a timely manner on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Will the show pages remain on the CCADA Website?

No, the links to the show’s inventory pages will be taken down at the close of the show, therefore we urge you to contact the dealer while the show is in progress.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have.

We’ll respond by email as soon as possible.

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